Taurus G2c 9mm Sub-compact Pistol Review

New England Concealed Carry Most CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) schooling is extraordinarily dull but now not Tampa Carry's education. You will chuckle, you may cry and also you just might pee a bit. We'll post a New Videos Saturday and Thursday. Kay Ivey Thursday signed a invoice that might allow people in Alabama to carry concealed guns with out.

Today we'll be reviewing the new Taurus GX4 sub-compact 9mm pistol. I was sent a Taurus GX4 pistol a little over a month in advance of its official unveiling online and I got to put the pistol through its paces, carry it and really see how much value Taurus has put into this brand new pistol.

Do you think the Taurus G2C is the best handgun for the money? In this video, we explore that question. Once I receive the viewer feedback,

Taurus is looking to take on the big boys with its new micro pistol, which is designed to deliver maximum concealment without Getting the specs out of the way, the 11+1 shot 9mm is the size of popular .380 "pocket guns," using a 3.06-inch barrel to tape out to a maximum 6.05-inch overall length.

Is the Taurus G2C 9mm a good gun? This gun, to glance at it quickly, could be mistaken for a 9mm compact but is actually a full-size .22. Taurus introduced the Millenium series of pistols in 2005. Some of the models of guns in this series include the PT111, PT132, PT140 and PT145, all in both.

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Jan 9, 2019.

The Taurus G2C is obviously quite light, but the recoil impulse is softer than you'd expect. Loaded, it balances well in the hand and isn't too.

Taurus USA sets the new standard for concealed carry handguns with the introduction of the new Taurus G2C series semi-automatic Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Taurus GX4 9mm Micro Compact Pistol with Tungsten Cerakote Slide.

A compact to subcompact GLOCK 9mm (26, 43) is about $200 more than the Taurus. In terms of comfort, accuracy and how they feel to shoot, are If I wanted a compact double-stack pistol in 9mm, I would almost certainly buy this model. And at a sale price of $180 as a commenter stated above, I.

The sub-compact, lightweight handgun with an enhanced texture polymer frame and grip complements its stealthy potential and ergonomics and adds.

The Taurus G3c 9mm pistol offers an improved trigger with wider trigger safety lever; better sights; forward slide serrations; and scallops on the magazine extension and at the bottom of the grip frame. More Articles From Reviews. Taurus G3c 9mm Compact Pistol: Full Review.

Even though the newer G3 and G3c pistols are out, the Taurus G2C is still an excellent choice for concealed carry. With.

The Taurus G2C 9mm Pistol in FDE might function like it's the best overall counterpart. But it definitely stands out in terms of aesthetics. If you're looking for a really good package deal, odds are you'll be looking at the Taurus G2C 9mm pistol with the PSA AR-15 complete lower as a possible choice for.

Aww man I'm all outta cash!Looking for a reliable subcompact for your next concealed carry? The Taurus G2C may be the answer for around 2.

The Taurus G2C is a very affordable CCW pistol with a high 12+1 capacity and great reliability (so far) but still suffers from a long and gritty.

Jul 28, 2021.

What Is the Taurus G2c 9mm?.

One of the most affordable pistols on the CCW market, the Taurus G2c is a high-quality handgun. The gun is on the.

Jan 5, 2021.

The Taurus G2c Review is that perfect Goldilocks size for most people. The thicker grip over something, like a single stack Smith and Wesson.

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