Hk Vp9sk Concealed Carry Review

This carry method is for lax concealing as the gun is on the outside of your pants that will be covered by a I have not heard one bad review about them except their wait times; my 1.5" took two and a half HK VP9 + HK VP9SK / OWB + IWB+AIWB (LH). Ruger American + Ruger American Compact.

May 22, 2019.

After putting a couple thousand rounds (we lost count) through this gun we can say that this gun has not only proven itself to be a reliable and.

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Dec 4, 2020.

Overall, the VP9SK definitely feels great in the hand that said it feels like it should hold a lot more ammo for its size and weight. The gun.

Jun 17, 2020.

While the HK VP9SK is a bit bigger, putting up with a bit more bulk yields rewards in terms of features. Like it's bigger brother the H&K VP9,

Heckler and Koch H&K VP9SK LONG TERM REVIEW / Best Concealed Carry Gun? Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute.

Oct 10, 2017.

The ergonomics of the VP9 SK subcompact were excellent. The grip was outstanding, comfortable, and naturally fit my hands, with its just-right.

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I always appreciate a concealed carry gun that can double as a bedside home defense pistol. On the range, the VP9 performed exactly how I imagined an HK firearm would – perfectly. It ate several boxes of ammunition and saw several hundred rounds of.

Mar 29, 2018.

The VP9SK is relatively soft shooting for a sub compact. The trigger is excellent and the stock sights are good (they're glow-in-the-dark, but.

Mickey reviews the Glock 19X for Concealed Carry. He briefly talks about the design, what it comes with and the improved trigger.

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Choosing the best concealed carry gun can be difficult. There are so many handguns on the market, and not all of them are good choices for everyone. A new variant from HK's popular VP series, the VP9SK is an ergonomic and comfortable pistol with a top-tier trigger and a relatively short magazine.

HK VP9SK – A Great Concealed Carry Double Stack Pistol. The ShapeShift H&K VP9 IWB Holster for concealed carry is designed to carry the VP9 as comfortably and conceal as easily as.

CARRY WITH CONFIDENCE: Please feel free to use our portable concealed holster to protect your Heckler & Koch VP9SK. The h&k concealed carry we have suggested have mostly been made in a way to last longer with providing stable performance in uses, but the best thing is to click the item and.


handgun, VP9SK (in 9 mm) has all of the sought-after characteristics of larger frame VP pistols but in a more concealable design. The highly-rated HK VP.

Nevertheless, the VP9 does not conceal great in my OPINION, depending on how you like your setup. If you're like me and like to carry on or close to your hip Desert Eagle Mk 19 HK VP9 Walther PPS M2 Sig P290RS Walther PPQ M2 Magnum Lite .22 Tavor SAR B16.

Oct 27, 2020.

While not the subcompact that its name would imply, the HK VP9SK-B is a very viable CCW pistol that comes with three magazines and night sights.

Dec 9, 2020.

The HK VP9SK comes with three backstraps and three pairs of side panels. The narrow side panels offer the flattest profile for concealed carry,

Dec 7, 2017.

The VP9 has been a solid performer since day one, and the sub-compactish version is no different. Easy to carry, quick to point, fast to recoil.