Glock 23 Concealed Carry Review

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David Reed of CCW Guardian App, provides a comprehensive review of the popular Glock 23 handgun in 40 caliber Gen 4 model.

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Glock 23 – Our Take. I'm just going to pop out and say it: the Generation 3 Glock is like the Used Rolex Submariner. The capability additionally lets in you to feel confident as you bring it concealed, which this size body is certainly top for. On everyone more than approximately a hundred sixty five lbs, this gun is infinitely concealable.

Do you deliver the Glock 23 or Glock 19? Overall, the Glock 23 is not handiest an amazing concealed bring handgun, but an acceptable provider pistol as nicely. Campbell has authored nicely over 6,000 articles columns and evaluations and fourteen books for fundamental publishers together with Gun Digest, Skyhorse and.

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The best Glock 23 concealed carry holster is IWB Kydex Holster by Concealment Express. This video review discusses the inside the waistband (IWB) holster by Concealment Express. Though he talks about the Glock 26, 27, and 33, the features are the same as the holster for the Glock 23.

David Reed of CCW Guardian App, gives a comprehensive overview of the popular Glock 23 handgun in forty quality Gen 4 model. Learn more at.

The Glock 23 is chambered in .Forty S&W and uses a combination of compact dimensions, light weight, and a high mag capability to grow to be a perfect firearm for concealed carry, open convey, and regulation enforcement carrier. Some humans might say that the Glock 23 is dull, however within the international of firearms.

The Glock 23 is one of the top choices in the world for concealed carry. Its compact size, suitable firepower, and relentless reliability, on the backdrop of Glock's proven history of performance, makes it an ideal choice for many concealed carriers that need a gun big enough to handle, but small enough.

Glock 23 hid convey. Jump to Latest Follow. I have no troubles concealing my Glock 19 (identical length as your 23) in my crossbreed supertuck. Come be part of the discussion approximately regular deliver, optics, holsters, gunsmithing, styles, critiques, add-ons, classifieds, and greater!

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Jan 18, 2022.

The IWB Kydex Holster by Concealment Express is the best, most versatile holster for a Glock 23. It offers features such as adjustable retention.

Out of the concealed carry Glock pistols, the 9mm and .40 caliber models are most popular.

though there are other chamberings available should they be desired. That also brings us to the Glock 23, which is the Glock 19 in .40 S&W. You get all the same specs as the 19 and all the attendant benefits.

In a Alien Gear Super Tuck holster, I convey the Glock 23 very well and effectively. (Full disclosure: Typically I convey a 1911 .45 in a Alien Gear Super Tuck.

New For 2022: Stoeger STR-9C Optic Ready – On the polymer frame, the grip has a medium sized backstrap to fit most hand sizes, and features a Glock-style bilateral takedown lever, as well as an integrated 3-slot Picatinny rail segment on.

Choosing the right concealed carry firearm is an important decision; a decision that should never be rushed. The Glock 23 is classified as a compact .40 S&W that measures 7.36″ long, 4.99″ high and just 1.18″ thick. Compared to it's little sister Glock 27, it's nearly an inch longer and roughly 3/4″ taller.

By Volume, the Glock 23 third and 4th technology pistols are most of the maximum popular in the entire Glock portfolio, thanks to such a big footprint inside the regulation enforcement community. What you need in a hid carry or otherwise duty convey gun, this Gen four Glock 23 can do properly.

Apr 16, 2015.

The Glock 23 is snag-loose, rapid into motion, and sincerely feels correct inside the fingers. The sights are ok for the undertaking handy, specially with.

A evaluate of the GLOCK 23 Gen three .Forty S&W, one of my number one concealed carry weapons day after day. 2020: This original evaluation of the GLOCK 23 .40 S&W pistol is about a third generation model. It became at the start written in 2010. This is a version I've carried all these years now.

Forty quality. Having survived durability tests and use by using U.S. Law Enforcement agencies, the G23 pistol has time and again proven its global-.

It measures 8.6" long, 5.6” tall and weighs 23.Five oz. Empty and most effective 28.Four ounces.

Don’t need the kick of the nine mm Luger. Concealed deliver can be an trouble for some from a length angle.

Jul 5, 2021.

Will a Glock 19 holster fit a Glock 23? Yes. The Glock 23 and Glock 19 pistols are identical regarding height, width, overall length, and empty.

Jun 7, 2014.

Unlike the 27, the 23 gives a full frame to provide that pinky of yours a rest. While your pinky having a niche on the grip shouldn't be vital.

Jul 31, 2020.

The potential also allows you to feel assured as you carry it concealed, which this size body is clearly exact for. On all and sundry extra than approximately.

The Glock 23 is comfortable length smart for concealed convey, but I'd advise the Glock 19 due to the fact you can have better flinch control and a couple extra rounds inside the magazine.