Extar Ep9 9mm Pistol Review


From the one dang review I can find on youtube, this is the normal price. [Pistol] Zastava Arms AK 47 Pistol ZPAP92 ALPHA with SBA3 Brace, 7.62×39 $999.99 Shipped with Coupon Code RED109.

Extar Ep9 9mm Pistol Review: The Best Budget Pistol Caliber Carbine $400.

Mar 5, 2019.

It is extremely light and handy and the light serves as a hand stop, so won't add one. Have a QD sling attachment on it's way as well as a sling.

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The Extar EP9 is a pistol PCC or PDW that weighs in at 4.3 lbs. For reference my Sub 2k in 9mm was 3X the recoil, my Hi-Point 995TS was twice the recoil as is the Ruger charger carbine. Congratulations on getting an Extar EP9 PCC and may it serve you well! Excellent review and I have.

So I received my Extar EP9 this week and took it to the range today. Honestly recoil reminds me exactly of my 300BO pistol using sub sonic ammo. AMA and I will try my best to help you. 5.5" 9mm ar pistol (ballistic advantage barrel) and my 16" marlin 9mm camp carbine will do 2 inches at 50.

Extar EP9 9mm First Shots: $400 AR Pistol That Takes Glock Mags.

Extar EP9 Review by Hughewil The Extar EP9 is a 9mm sub gun style pistol. Features Weight 4.1 pounds 6.5 inch barrel Overall length 22.5" Threaded.

Jul 11, 2018.

Overall I'm extremely sastified with this gun and find that the price point of 419$ clearly puts this ahead of many other sub-500$ 9mm PCC and.

Feb 16, 2019.

My son just bought this last night online.

Been trying for weeks to get it (only a few available each week) It has good reviews.

Extar Ep9 9mm Pistol Review: The Best Budget Pistol Caliber Carbine $400. Video by. Honest Outlaw. on. youtube. ·.

Oct 17, 2018.

I have read dozens of reviews on the Extar EP9, all giving it very.

My ar15 9mm glock mag pistol doesn't have bolt hold open and that.

Aug 21, 2018.

EP9 ran like a champ, albeit not a ton rounds through it. Shot steel hanging plates of 3" to 10" at about 15 yards and hits using any of the.

Extar EPX9, the $500 9mm carbine.

That's a brace, it comes with the pistol so that's good value to me.

Extar EP9 9mm Glock Mag PDW $419 – Buy.

The Extar EP9 is a small, lightweight pistol chambered in 9mm Luger (including +P ammo). The Extar EP9 appears well built. There is no mold flashing and fit and finish are both well executed. Despite being a mostly polymer gun, it doesn't feel flimsy at all.

EXTAR EP9 – 9mm AR-ish pistol. Saw it on gun.deals and decided to order one. I'm currently all about 9mm Glock mag stuff. I already have an ATI Milsport 9mm pistol but, while this is admittedly uglier, it's like 2lbs lighter and $200 cheaper. $419 plus $20 shipping. I'll update once I have it in hand and put.