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Kimber is well known for its high-end 1911 pistol and rifle lineups. But when the company saw the burgeoning market for concealed carry handguns that has developed in this country, it set about providing a product to satisfy it. The result was the Kimber Solo Carry. The Solo is unlike other subcompact 9mm pistols.

Best Concealed Carry Pistols. Ruger LCP II. Finish – Black. Barrel length – 2.75 inches. Cartridge Type – 380 Auto. Capacity – 6 + 1. Overall length – 5.17 inches. Our Top Pick VIEW LATEST PRICE →. Springfield XDE.

by Richard Douglas. Kimber made a sub-compact outing not too long ago. Long story short, it didn't go well. The Solo did poorly in performance and lacked the qualities of a solid carry pistol.

The Best Kimber 1911s in 2022 ; Kimber Custom Aegis II 9mm 5. Building the world's finest 1911 pistols right here in America · $1,115 ; Kimber CDP II Compact 4.

Below is my listing of the nice concealed carry revolvers for 2022. I list the excellent alternatives in phrases of fee, overall performance, reliability, and value. Click at the name to go to the product page, examine reviews and check fees or pass beforehand to the list of revolvers. Best Ergonomics: Kimber K6S Revolver. Lightest: Ruger LCR.

Top 10 Best Concealed Carry Handguns Reviews. Bersa -BP9 Concealed Cary 3.5IN Matte Blue. KIMBER MFG – 1911 Micro 9 Crimson Carry. LES BAER Custom Ultimate Tactical Carry. Remington 1911 R1 Carry 45 ACP. Kimber MFG. 1911 Onyx Ultra II 9mm. SMITH & WESSON M&P45 LO-Mount Carry. COLT – Combat Elite 5IN 45 ACP.

These are some of the best Kimber 9mm pistols we found so far: 1. Kimber Aegis Elite Pro OI 2. KIMBER SAPPHIRE ULTRA II 3. Kimber Micro 9 Desert Night DN 4. KIMBER KHX CUSTOM RL OI 5. KIMBER EVO SP CS 6. Kimber Micro9 Triari 7. KIMBER CUSTOM TLE RL II TFS 8. Kimber Two-Tone II 1911 Family 9. Kimber KHX Custom 10. Kimber Stainless II 1911

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Kimber Evo SP Select Review: Best in Concealed Carry?.

Like many other Kimber products, it has all the bells and whistles and feels “refined.”.

9mm version is only slightly bigger. The Sig P238 is a micro 1911 chambered in .380 ACP. Guns of this type have been around for a while; the Colt Mustang was the first, and the P238 is Sig Sauer's take.

but it's also arguably the best of them. The P238 is a solid choice of backup gun or deep concealment pistol.

1 Top 8 Best Concealed Carry Handguns in 2022 Reviews. 1.1 1 Sig Sauer P365 Semi-Auto Pistol – 365-9-BXR3 – Best Nightime Concealed Carry Handgun. 1.2 2 Smith & Wesson M&P 380 Shield EZ Pistol, BLK – 12611 – Most Popular Concealed Carry Handgun. 1.3 3 Glock 19X Gen5 9mm Pistol – PX1950703 – Best Full Frame Concealed Carry Handgun.

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As mentioned before, the Kimber Micro 9 was designed for concealed carry and it shows within its design and dimensions. For everyday concealed carry, the best.

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Kimber bills its 2-inch barreled K6S as the lightest 6-round .357 Magnum revolver on the market, but don't let that spook you. The gun continues to be great at 23-ounces and eats a majority of flinch. Also, don't let the greater spherical in a hid-carry model idiot you either—it's still very easy to in shape within the waistband or pocket.

Of course, it tends to the larger side of concealed carry guns weighing in at 24 ounces. But with 10+1 rounds of 9mm on tap (13+1 extended mag), the double-stack is well worth the extra burden. MSRP: $329. Stoeger STR-9 Compact 9mm $299 Palmetto State Armory.

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5 Concealed Carry Kimbers ; Kimber Solo Carry DC (LG), kimber Kimber Solo Carry DC (LG) ; Kimber Ultra Covert II, kimber Kimber Ultra Covert II.

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3.6 inches. Price. $799. Sig's P320 X-Compact is an innovative variation of the standard P320 X-Carry, featuring a shorter magazine and barrel (3.6 inches versus 3.9 inches, respectively). Despite its shorter grip, it still holds 15 rounds of 9 mm ammunition.

Ideal for shooters with small hands as well as those who insist on mild recoil combined with enough power for concealed carry or home protection, Micro pistols.

Best Concealed Carry Guns By Caliber.

Nobody ever mentions the venerable .357. I carry a Kimber K6S .357 revolver. The gun fits my hand quite well – it feels seemless. My wife likes the K6 with .38 +P in it. On those days, I carry my Kimber Ultra Carry II 9mm. While the UCII 9mm is smooth as glass, the Kimber K6 is my favorite to carry and.

Accuracy, dependability and meaningful features determine the true quality of a pistol. On the strength of quality, Kimber has become the world's largest.

Best 9mm Pistol Kimber These are some of the best Kimber 9mm pistols we found so far: ✓1. Kimber Aegis Elite Pro OI ✓2. KIMBER SAPPHIRE ULTRA II ✓3. Best .22 LR Pistol Ammo: CCI Pistol Match 40-Grain. This is another special target load designed for competition. It's specially made to function in pistols but can be used in

Kimber's Micro 9 is very similar to Sig's P938. They're both 9mm versions of Colt's Mustang. However, the Micro 9 is more reliable than the Mustang ever hoped.

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These are some of the best Kimber 9mm pistols we found so far: ✓1. Kimber Aegis Elite Pro OI ✓2. KIMBER SAPPHIRE ULTRA II ✓3. Kimber Micro 9.

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